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Foundations of Yin Yoga
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Foundations of Teaching Yin Yoga

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Mandy is the owner and founder of Sound Method Yoga in Omaha, NE. A hardworking studio owner, yoga teacher and mom she loves to write, cook and meet new people. She’s been teaching yoga since 2008 full time and has accumulated a pretty impressive number of teaching hours. Mandy is the director of Teacher Training and primary faculty for Sound Method Yoga’s Registered Yoga School. She has developed her own 200 Hour Teacher Training, 40 Hour Yin Teacher Training and others. One of Mandy’s favorite student endorsements was “She will not teach you halfway”.

Mandy’s classes are creative, authentic and often praised for her poignant storytelling. She offers retreats, trainings and workshops all over the world.


Build your Yin Foundation for practice and Teaching


Basics of Yin

The Yin repertiore is familiar, but the process is vastly different. Understand the protocol of Yin to transform your practice and teaching. 


Tradition meets Science

Yin is a fascinating practice that melds traditional Chinese philosophy with modern science. 

Foundations of Teaching Yin Yoga


Most of us learn best by seeing, doing. Apply your new knowledge in practice and make it your own. Two practices are included. 

Self Guided Course

Transform your knowledge in your own time.
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Foundations of teaching and Practicing Yin Yoga

Foundations of Teaching Yin Yoga is for curious Yogis. If you are a Yin Teacher who is always looking for inspiration, this course is for you. If you are teaching Yin or considering adding Yin to your offerings, but not so confident this course is for you. If you are a Yin-thusiast who just hungers for more, this course is for you.

Learn about the essential element of coolness in Yin Yoga and how to apply it in your practice and in your classes. Get tips on how to really dial in your focus on the “Yin Zone” and a baseline strategy for building sequences. Find out how to ensure that your students are experiencing some of the little known benefits of this healing practice.

A Practical Guide to Yoga Philosophy
A Practical Guide to Yoga Philosophy
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