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A Practical Guide to Yoga Philosophy
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Mandy is the owner and founder of Sound Method Yoga in Omaha, NE. A hardworking studio owner, yoga teacher and mom she loves to write, cook and meet new people. She’s been teaching yoga since 2008 full time and has accumulated a pretty impressive number of teaching hours. Mandy is the director of Teacher Training and primary faculty for Sound Method Yoga’s Registered Yoga School. She has developed her own 200 Hour Teacher Training, 40 Hour Yin Teacher Training and others. One of Mandy’s favorite student endorsements was “She will not teach you halfway”.

Mandy’s classes are creative, authentic and often praised for her poignant storytelling. She offers retreats, trainings and workshops all over the world.


Discover Yoga Philosophy and History

The Kleshas

Why We Suffer

The aim of Yoga is no less than the end of suffering. 4 Topics.

Paths of Yoga

Paths of Yoga

Yoga has many paths. Learn about Yoga’s that are not based on poses. 2 Topics.

Eight Limbed Path

The Eight Limbs

The path of classical Yoga. Discover the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali in a non-dogmatic way.  9 Topics

Hatha Yoga History

Hatha Yoga History

It’s nearly impossible to understand the philosophy of Hatha (forceful) Yoga without understanding the history. Learn both at once. 5 Topics. 

the Chakras

The Subtle Body

Prana or life force is the currency of ancient Yoga. Discover the origin and practices beyond pop culture and commercialism. 3 Topics.

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A Practical Guide to Yoga Philosophy

Yoga is the art and science of transformation. It’s a rich and colorful tradition that will likely surprise you, will warm your heart, and inspire you. It’s impossible to discuss Yoga philosophy without touching on history as well. This course illuminates Yoga philosophy using a chronology and a straightforward approach. It’s not meant for scholars but rather for students and teachers of Hatha Yoga. A Practical Guide to Yoga Philosophy will make even richer and productive your physical posture practice and seated meditation practice. It will challenge you to think beyond oversimplifications of Yoga and definitely beyond dogma.

More than anything Yoga is a practice that is evolving for each of us in our own way. Mandy has avoided evangelizing or dogma and stuck to the latest research and reputable sources to provide you with knowledge that you can make your own and use in the way that is the most transformative to you.

A Practical Guide to Yoga Philosophy
A Practical Guide to Yoga Philosophy
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